Recent and Upcoming!

February marked the premiere of the 10-episode series “The Tournament,” a massive 3-year long undertaking to tell the definitive history of the ACC’s Men’s Basketball Tournament. The project, another collaboration with Hock Films, was a blast to work on and took me deeper into North Carolina basketball than I ever could’ve imagine. Check out the trailer below and watching re-airs on the ACC Network or streaming on the ESPN+ service. You can also read this story from the North Carolina State University Library about the research conducted in their unparalleled basketball film collection here.

Next up will be “SHARK” an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on legendary golfer Greg Norman, with a detailed look at his life, career, and unprecedented collapse at the 1996 Masters Tournament. I had a great time working with three of my former HBO Sports colleagues, Jason Hehir and Thomas Odelfelt as co-directors, and producer Matt Chase. Check out the trailer and tune in this Tuesday night!

Lastly, I had the privilege to work on “They Call Me Magic,” the 4-part documentary on the life and career of NBA icon Magic Johnson. This series premieres on Apple+ April 22nd. Tune in and enjoy!