2016 Recent & Upcoming Projects

In Production:

  • 7-part documentary series, currently untitled, on the history of basketball for ESPN. Leading team of archival researchers and supervising clearances. Vendors include professional sports organizations, stock archives, museums, news organizations, university archives, personal collectors, newspapers and many more sources.
  • “Cradle of Champions” – Theatrical documentary on the famed New York Golden Gloves boxing tournament. Work includes archival research, as well as overseeing licensing.
  • “Lawrence Phillips Matters” – 90 minute documentary being produced for Showtime on the troubled ex-NFL players who died in a California prison in 2016. Work includes archival research, as well as overseeing licensing.

Recently Wrapped:

  • Music Clearances for a commercial for smartphone maker Obi Worldphone through Catch & Release.
  • Photo & Talent Clearances for a DNA Seattle local ad campaign through Catch & Release.
  • Photo Clearances for redesign of TPG.com website through Catch & Release.
  • Twitter’s “See What’s Happening” campaign, featuring 1 x :45 and 3 x :15 commercials. Work included licensing and talent clearances for UGC, stock, news and professional sports content through Catch & Release.
  • Licensing, Talent and Property clearances for “This Is Why We Play” commercial, promoting the 2016 NBA Draft through Catch & Release.
  • Licensing for “Every Second Counts” commercial, promoting the 2016 NBA Playoffs through Catch & Release.