Football Is Us; and other updates

It’s only been a few days since our last update, but we’re back again to excitedly announce the premiere this Saturday August 24th at 10PM EST on ESPN the wonderful Hock Films-produced “Football Is Us.” This 90-minute documentary follows 150 years of college football history, telling unique stories through themes and ideas woven together covering all aspects of the game. Check out a snippet of the film here:

Additionally, I am excited to share that the upcoming biographical documentary on skiing legend Lindsey Vonn will be premiering on HBO November 26th at 10PM. You can read more about their recent announcement, with a trailer to come soon.

Bode Miller: Forces of Nature

It’s been a while since I have checked in, but there is lots to share in the weeks and months ahead! First off is a great short documentary about Bode Miller that is now running live. This was my second skiing project in 2019 and it was really gratifying to dig into a sport that I previously was not familiar with. His story is fascinating and heartbreaking, and this short film really helps convey who the Olympic champion is.